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Water Treatment Plant

We undertake the modeling and dynamic simulation of water treatment plant to support the design and development of plant hydraulic behaviour and process and operational controls.

By modeling the controlled flows of water from source of supply through treatment units such as flocculators, filters, chlorinators, intermediate storage vessels and pumps through to treated-water delivery, our simulations can predict the behaviour of continuous and sequence process controls and their effects on water flows, pressures and hold-ups in vessels.

Past simulations have been used to study:

-          -Sizing of vessels in the treatment path - to minimize   vessel capacities and construction costs while still coping with changing operational and unusual flow conditions, such as plant trips.

-          Investigating hydraulic interaction; e.g. between adjacent filters during washing operations.

-          Supporting plant commissioning – by providing initial tuning parameters for feedback controllers of flows, levels and pressures, and by revealing to commissioning engineers in advance the significant behaviours to be expected from a new or modified plant.

-          Investigating commissioning problems – by comparing actual behaviour with modeled behaviour – to help pinpoint the likely sources of any deviations of actual plant behaviour from design behaviour.


In accordance with our in-house modeling and simulation engineering principles: we use only commercially available, off-the-shelf, general-purpose dynamic simulation software as our modeling environment.  This ensures that our models are accessible to the customer  and can made available and adopted readily by the customer for further in-house development, with the assurance of ongoing support from the simulation software supplier.

For our simulation studies we use Matlab® and Simulink™ – possibly the worlds most popular general-purpose dynamic simulation software environment.

Our models are aimed primarily at simulating the behaviour of pressures, flows and accumulations (in vessels) of water by means of dynamic models of pipe work, valves, pumps, vessels etc. and their associated manual and automatic feedback and sequence controls.

For further information: please download our flyer: Water Industry Flyer


Water Industry Flyer

Case Studies

1.Inferrential Flow Metering in Plumbosolvency Dosing

2. Back-Pressure Control Dynamics

3. Treatment Tank Sizing for Transient Flows

3. De-aeration Control and  Downstream Disturbance Resistance


MATLAB/Simulink Model as a tool for water treatment process design and commissioning


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