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Water and Steam

Thermophysical Properties for MATLAB

A suite of functions for MATLAB: Thermodynamic Properties calculated according to the 'IAPWS Industrial Formulation 1997 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam', plus Transport Properties calculated using the recent IAPWS equations.

This WatSteam function suite will be invaluable to Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and others carrying out engineering design calculations in the MATLAB environment for processes and equipment using water and steam, or wet air.

Functions may also be incorporated into Simulink simulations, for wherever models require the thermodynamic or transport properties of water or steam. Typical applications would include modelling and dynamic simulation of steam-generating plant, steam supply and distribution systems, coolers, condensers and steam turbines. Models of plant and machinery handling wet air, such as air compressors and HVAC systems, will also benefit from being based on rigorous properties for water and steam.

A WatSteam Licence (single-user, perpetual license) for commercial use costs 550, with electronic documentation and 1-year E-mail and telephone support. Academic/Educational pricing is also available. Licenses for MATLAB/Simulink are available separately from The MathWorks Inc.  (Holders of WATSTEAM Licenses have the option to upgrade later to SimSteam at a reduced price.)

The essential reference, and companion text for this function suite is:


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Academic & Educational pricing

Wagner, W., A. Kruse, 'Properties of Water and Steam,
The Industrial Standard IAPWS-IF97 for the Thermodynamic Properties and Supplementary Equations for Other Properties,' ISBN 3-540-64339-7

or the forthcoming (2nd.Edition):

Wagner, W., H-J. Kretzschmar, 'International Steam Tables - Tables, Algorithms, Diagrams and Software,' ISBN 978-3-540-21419-9

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