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Real Time Toolbox for MATLAB & Simulink

Real-Time Simulation & Data-Acquisition hardware and software tools for MATLAB & Simulink, from Humusoft.

Data-Acquisition PC I/O Boards

Low-cost and high-performance Data-Acquisition and I/O Boards for MATLAB/Simulink and general-application, from Humusoft.

Multiflash for MATLAB

Thermodynamic and Physical Properties of Gases, Liquids and Multi-phase Mixtures for MATLAB & Simulink.

Water & Steam, Thermophysical Properties for MATLAB

IAPWS-IF97/ASME Thermodynamic and Transport Properties for MATLAB & Simulink.

SimSteam, Steam-System Simulation Tools for Simulink

A block-library addition to Simulink for the dynamic simulation of site-wide steam-systems, including boilers, HRSGs, pipe work, steam-turbines, let-down stations and other sources and users of process steam.



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