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New Release of Humusoft
Extended Real-Time Toolbox v.4.01


Humusoft s.r.o, of Novakovych in the Czech Republic, have released version-4.01 of their Real Time Toolbox (formerly the Extended Real-Time Toolbox) for MATLAB and Simulink.

The latest version, Real Time Toolbox 4.01, offers the major new features and enhancements of version 4.00:

  • complete off-the-shelf solution with drivers for your favorite data acquisition board or, optionally, bundled with a compatible data acquisition board
  • runs with MATLAB R14 SP3 or R2006 and Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • new Simulink block library with improved I/O interface for creating real-time simulations and control loops
  • drivers for more than 150 industry-standard data acquisition boards including A/D, D/A, digital I/O, quadrature encoders, counters, mouse, joystick and more
  • supports ISA, PCI, PCMCIA, PC104 and Compact PCI boards
  • real-time kernel with sampling frequencies up to 66 kHz with no external clock source required
  • improved data throughput for faster sampling frequencies
  • triggered blocks for Stateflow applications
  • full support of frame based signals
  • Frame based blocks improving performance of DSP applications in Simulink significantly

Together with:

  • - Windows Vista support
  • - new installer for easy installation on all supported platforms

All new licenses will be shipped as v.4.01 with immediate effect. Older versions will remain available, and for backward compatibility with older releases of MATLAB, holders of v.4.01 licenses can use the older versions. (However some of the newest drivers will not be available with older versions).

Registered Users of v4.00 are entitled to a free upgrade on request. Upgrades for users holding older licenses are available for a small fee.

The special offer, whereby one HUMUSOFT Data Acquisition Board can be purchased with 30% discount if purchased together with Real Time Toolbox, will be continued.

The Humusoft Extended Real Time Toolbox:
 - brings the power of MATLAB and Simulink to the real world, by allowing easy low-cost access to external analogue and digital signals, with almost no prior hardware knowledge. Based on a high performance real-time kernel and drivers for all the popular I/O boards: users can experiment with signal processing, control system design, hardware-in-the-loop and similar tasks directly from Simulink, using a powerful block library and without the need for additional real-time tools!
The toolbox is especially popular for teaching laboratory and research applications in universities and institutes of further and higher-education.

For further information about Humusoft products, including downloadable flyers, see:

For further information about Humusoft s.r.o, see:

Updated: 21 June 2009



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