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New Range of Humusoft
Data Acquisition Boards


Humusoft s.r.o, of Pobrezni in the Czech Republic, have released their long-awaited new range of Data Acquisition Boards.

Humsuft Data Acquisition Boards are widely used in universities and research and teaching laboratories to provide data-acquisition and analogue and digital I/O (input/output), especially in association with the Humusoft Extended Real-Time Toolbox for MATLAB and Simulink.

The new range comprises two new products for PCI bus:

AD622 entry-level data acquisition card

MF624 multifunction I/O card

The Humusoft cards are designed especially for research and educational applications, and have the considerable advantage over other cards of offering a combination of both input and output facilities for both analogue and digital signals on the same card - significantly reducing the number of cards that have to be purchased, inserted and maintained in laboratory computers.

The combination of input and output on a single card, and direct compatibility with the Humusoft Extended Real-Time Toolbox means that laboratory computers can be equipped simply and economically for experimental work with real-time data-acquisition and closed-loop (feedback) control systems.

Humusoft Data Acquisition Cards and the Classroom Kit license for the Extended Real-Time Toolbox allow universities to equip teaching laboratories economically with MATLAB and Simulink-based facilities for real-time closed-loop control running normal Simulink under Microsoft Windows, without the time-consuming need to compile, link and load real-time code generated from the Simulink source.

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Updated: 21 June 2009



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