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Unsolicited E-mail

We regret to have to report that e-mail spammers regularly 'spoof' our e-mail address.

E-mail 'spoofing' means forging an e-mail header to make it appear as if it came from somewhere or someone other than the actual source.

There are legitimate uses of e-mail spoofing; but there are no legitimate reasons for spoofing anyone other than oneself. In some jurisdictions e-mail spoofing of third-parties  is illegal!

If you have received unsolicited E-mail offering goods or services not described on this web-site then, despite appearances, the E-mail would NOThave originated from us.

We are not able to prevent others from spoofing our e-mail address. However attacks like this usually die-down after a while, as the spammers switch to using other addresses to avoid detection.

There is a wealth of information about E-mail Spoofing on the internet. Click here for example information on How to protect from Spoofed/Forged Email.

If in doubt: you could always contact us directly; e.g. by fax or telephone.




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