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In Consulting Engineering most new work is obtained by referral: typically a potential new client is referred to us by a satisfied existing client, or by one of our working associates. Similarly, if we feel that it would be in a potential client's best interests, we may refer a potential client to an associate; for example: an associate may have more specialised knowledge or experience or resources.

Associative Working

For large projects, typically those requiring a mix of disciplines - such as Chemical or Process Engineering and Process Control Engineering,  we may collaborate with associates in either a joint-venture or under sub-contract to meet client requirements.

We are pleased to list below a number of companies with whom we have an associative working relationship. (Hyperlinks indicate a reciprocal site-linking agreement).
Dynamation Ltd.
Cape Software UK
Grimley-Smith Associates Ltd. Consultant Process Engineers
Michael Kellet - Electronics & Software Consultant
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