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Multiflash for Matlab

Multiflash, a product of Infochem Computer Services Ltd., provides physical and thermodynamic properties, with multiphase and multicomponent equilibrium calculations, for a wide range of substances.

Multiflash is now accessible from the MATLAB technical computing environment through the combination of the standard Multiflash for Windows product, and the Multiflash Interface for MATLAB developed by KHACE and marketed and distributed in association with Infochem.

For the MATLAB user, Multiflash for MATLAB offers the following features:

  • A comprehensive source of physical property data.
  • Multicomponent and multiphase thermodynamic, physical properties and equilibrium calculations in the MATLAB environment.
  • Rigorous modelling of thermodynamics and physical properties for Simulink simulations.

For the existing user of Multiflash, Multiflash for MATLAB offers:

  • The option to carry out analytical, engineering and design calculations using  MATLAB: the high-performance but easy-to-use environment for numerical computation, visualization and applications programming.
  • Extensions of standard Multiflash functions to support MATLAB vector, matrix and array formulations.

(Multiflash for MATLAB is also featured in 'MATLAB Connections', the directory of third-party products that complement MATLAB.)

Licenses for Multiflash for MATLAB may be purchased from Infochem Computer Services Ltd.

Contact Infochem for a pricing quotation

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